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Reaper Z Hydrographic Pattern Coming Soon to TWN

Reaper Z Water Transfer Printing FilmPRINCETON, FL - February 28, 2012 - TWN Industries Inc. announces the upcoming release of Reaper Z water transfer printing film. Designed by Proveil, Reaper Z is an addition to their Reaper Series™ patterns of edgy, hyper-realistic camouflage that TWN already offers. Water transfer printing (also known as hydrographic printing and camo dipping) makes over firearms, and other hard goods by applying highly detailed graphics to surfaces.

The Reaper Z camo pattern was developed for 3 gun shooting sports enthusiasts and 3 gun match competitions. Combining highly realistic images of zombies and bio-hazard symbols with the traditional zombie "lime green", Reaper Z is a unique pattern which captures the excitement and lifestyle of shooting sports enthusiasts. The Reaper Z pattern will give any 3 gun enthusiast or zombie slayer a distinctive coating on their gun, competition gear and equipment.

"My Reaper Black pattern was doing very well with the 3 gun competition enthusiasts," said Travis Fortner, president of Proveil Camouflage. "I have received a lot of feedback from zombie hunters and 3 gun match participants that they would like to see a pattern specific to the zombie hunter theme. After seeing that several manufacturers were producing 3 gun competition specific weapons and zombie themed weapons as SHOT Show 2012, I felt the time was right to release Reaper Z. Reaper Z also fits in with Proveil's philosophy that all outdoor and shooting enthusiasts deserve camo that reflects their lifestyle, not just a one size fits all option."

"Proveil Camouflage has been actively producing unique new patterns, we are glad to be partnered with Travis and his brand. Reaper Z will be TWN's first zombie pattern and we feel confident it will appeal to some new customers we weren't reaching before." stated Mike Richards, TWN Director of Business Development.

Reaper Z water transfer printing film for hard goods is available exclusively through TWN Industries, Inc. Film will be available for shipment starting April 16th, call 305-258-9622 to pre-order film.

About Proveil:
Proveil is a leading designer of Camouflage patterns, taking the core concepts of blend and break-up to new levels. Utilizing Dynamic Depth of Field, Infinite Resolution and High Definition Z-Depth, Proveil develops edgy and hyper-realistic patterns for a wide range of outdoor sports. Reaper Z is part of Proveil's Reaper Series™ along with Reaper Black, Reaper Buck, Reaper Woods, Reaper H2O and Reaper H2O XL.

About TWN Industries, Inc.:
Incorporated in 1994, TWN Industries, Inc. is the original water transfer printing supplier. TWN offers film, equipment, supplies and training for the water transfer printing industry. TWN proudly serves clients large and small, ranging from automotive to the sporting goods market. Sample decorating and consulting services are available to manufacturers at no charge from their lab facility and corporate headquarters located in Princeton, Florida. In the alternative, manufacturers can choose to access a worldwide network of TWN Certified Processors who are available to decorate one part or hundreds of thousands. For more information visit or call 305.258.9622.