Water_trasfer_Printing_buildingOur process, known as water transfer printing, is also referred to as hydrographics, camo dipping, cubic printing, and immersion printing in some circles. While the processes are all basically the same, the companies behind them are not.

Incorporated in 1994, TWN Industries has built a reputation based on unwavering commitment to excellence. To us, excellence means constantly developing evolving technology that delivers high-value solutions to our surface coating customers. Reliable delivery and service, consistent product quality, and new distinctive technologies have set us apart from the competition.

TWN Industries was founded by Jerry Metallo in the mid-nineties, when the conversion van market was running at full speed. This market was desperately searching for alternatives to the costly wood panels that adorned the interiors of vans and trucks during that time. Through creative thinking, combined with extensive research and the help of NASA, TWN introduced a high-tech, self-adhesive real wood veneer dashboard overlay. This product dramatically changed the way conversion vehicle interiors were decorated. However, we didn’t stop there.

In the late seventies, a new surface coating technology referred to as Cubic Printing or Hydrographic Printing began to emerge. Cubic Engineering had a patent on this technology and charged substantial licensing fees during the life of this patent. These licensing fees prevented all but a few well financed companies from having access to it. TWN Industries recognized that this process had great potential if they could unlock the technology, and deliver it to the market without the costly licensing fees and restrictive processing agreements.

Following expiration of the original patent and in conjunction with Yuan Heng Tai research and engineering group in Taiwan, we began to unlock the previously secret technology behind Cubic Printing, which had not changed in 20 years. In 1999, we partnered with YHT and introduced an improved method of this process, which is now referred to as “Water Transfer Printing”. Today, YHT continues to print our water transfer printing film, and we work together to develop new ground breaking film patterns. With over ten years of experience, YHT prints top-of-the-line film in an uncontaminated facility. Unlike our competitors film, our film printer focuses solely on printing the highest quality water transfer printing film.

From our humble beginnings as an OEM supplier to the automotive industry, TWN has grown into a major player in all aspects of the surface coatings industry. In addition to the automotive market, we also serve marine, sporting goods, medical, general industrial, consumer goods,and the architectural markets.

TWN can provide you with film, equipment, supplies, and training required to decorate components with water transfer printing films. We work with small and large businesses alike, from hobbyist to major manufacturers. We also have a worldwide network of “TWN Certified” decorators ready to decorate products for consumers and manufacturers.

Please contact us to have our professional staff develop a customized solution that will meet your decorating needs.