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TWN Industries: A Leader in Water Transfer Printing Equipment, Hydrographic Film, Camouflage Patterns, and Training

TWN Industries, Inc. services all aspects of the surface coatings industry. Internationally known as experts in the field of water transfer printing, TWN offers a wide selection of hydrographic printing equipment and film in both stock and custom sizes for static, continuous flow, and the Cubic® printing method. 

Areas of focus include automotive, marine, sporting goods, aviation, general industrial, medical, home decor and architectural markets. When it comes to manufacturers of camouflage firearms, archery equipment, ATV and UTV's, TWN is the go to vendor for the latest camouflage hydrographic films for camo dipping. In recent years, there has been a dramatic increase in demand for the high definition wood grain patterns used by aircraft interior designers and aviation completion centers. 

TWN has risen to the challenge and we now provide some of the best patterns in the industry.We guide OEM and aftermarket processors through the maze of decorating options and help specify the water transfer printing process that fits their project needs and specifications. 

TWN offers manufacturers a no-charge, pre-production, project evaluation, and sample decorating from corporate headquarters located in South Florida.Whatever your field, we can provide you with the film, equipment, supplies, and most importantly the training required to consistently and profitably decorate with water transfer printing films. 

Alternatively, we have the most extensive nationwide and international network of trained master decorators who will gladly provide you a quote to decorate your components. Contact us to learn more about the water transfer printing process.